How ACEL’s Allied Esports Entertainment Group is building its esports business in Australia

With the acquisition of the esports assets of Australia’s leading gaming network ACEL, the entertainment division of the giant Japanese gaming group is set to expand its esports operations to Australia, joining a growing number of companies that are pursuing similar opportunities.

In Australia, Allied Entertainment Group’s esports businesses have the potential to generate significant revenue from the Australian esports industry, according to its founder and CEO, Kazuhiro Iida.

Iida told Fox Sports he is confident Allied will be successful in the future, particularly with the addition of the ACEL esports assets.

The acquisition of ACEL means Allied has access to the ACES global esports assets, which include its global broadcasting rights, international broadcast agreements and broadcasting rights for the games, such as League of Legends.

Iida said Allied’s esports business has been able to develop into an industry that competes with established and established players, with the majority of players being Chinese players.

“We can compete with them [the Chinese players] in terms of globalisation, in terms in terms to reach an audience of global consumers,” Iida said.

Ieda said the ACELS esports assets include the game and streaming rights to its online content platform.

Ieda said this includes its game and broadcast rights, which will allow Allied to reach players in China and the Asian market.IIDA said Alliance’s esports teams, including its new OneNation team, will be the first in the world to be part of the Allied esports roster, with Allied and its existing esports teams already being involved in competitive gaming.

IIDA said it will be possible to play the games online and will also be able to use the Alliances platform for social media.

I said Alliances ability to provide an esports platform to the Chinese and Asian markets is a major step in the direction of esports in Australia.IIDA said the acquisition will create significant opportunity for Alliance in terms both in terms that we have the ability to bring our own games and streams, as well as for our international teams to gain an advantage in terms and a competitive advantage.

“For the first time in our history, we are able to attract the best talent from around the world in the way that we are now able to do,” IIDA added.

“This acquisition will open up new markets for our game and broadcasting businesses, and I am confident that we will be able and will be a very successful esports organisation in Australia.”

The acquisition will allow Iida to bring Alliances existing esports properties, such the OneNation and World Elite teams, to Australia.

IIDA also said the Alliance esports assets will allow the organisation to focus on developing its international brand and business model.

I heard all the right things from all the Australian teams that have been on the Alloys list, Iida added.

I believe they have the right attitude and will have a very positive future in Australia with the Allies global brands and business plan.

In the first week of the year, Alliances global esports business was valued at $1.7 billion.

I asked Allied Sports Group president Kazuichi Iida what he thinks the future holds for esports in the country.

I think we can achieve tremendous things, he said.

“This acquisition means Alliances presence in the esports market in Australia is very significant and will allow us to expand our esports business globally, including in China.

We are very excited to expand the Allying esports business to other countries.”

Iida is also optimistic about Alliances future in the United States.

I am confident we will see more international growth in the next two to three years, he added.


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