‘Glass is for Glass’: Glass is for entertainment

The first thing that I’ve noticed about the glass that sits inside my Westgate Entertainment District is that it’s pretty much for glass.

A couple of years ago, I used to think that glass was for screens, but I’ve changed my mind now.

The glass is for people.

It is for the people in the audience.

This is why we love the Westgate, because it is the first time in the history of entertainment that we’ve got this kind of public space for people to come and see the show, to go in, to sit and watch the show.

And that’s where the experience becomes about having a really good time.

But if you don’t have a good time, you don.

That’s where I think people are going to have to start looking at Glass as a new way of watching entertainment.

Glass is not for screens or TVs or video game consoles, it’s for people, to take their minds off the real world, the distractions.

And when you do that, you can be entertained, you’re not stuck in the real life, you’ve got all the time in your life to just be watching something that you love.

And the Westfield, a new entertainment hub in the city, is one of those things.

It’s really a celebration of what’s happening in the world, where people are starting to do things in their own ways and it’s bringing the world together.

In the last few years, Westgate has seen a lot of development.

The first new building was the Westbank, which is an extension of the Westpark mall in Toronto.

The Westbank is really a glass and steel box with glass, and that box has become a huge centre for arts, culture and social events.

So we’re really excited about this development, which will include a new Westbank movie theatre.

It will be built on top of the old Westbank and a new movie theatre, which also is part of the redevelopment, will be the first one built on a piece of glass.

There will be more than 1,500 seats for films and television.

The film theatre is going to be the largest screen in the area, which means that when you’re watching a movie, you will have a view of all of the people around you.

It’ll be a truly spectacular experience for people who like to be immersed in the entertainment that’s happening right in front of them.

In this new era of cinema, there is a new kind of cinema coming to the West.

In its first year, the Westfairs Cinema has become the first Canadian film-making festival to be awarded a Best Picture nomination.

It has now been nominated for four awards including best picture.

It also has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Canadian Cinema Association’s Screen Actori Awards and the Canadian Film Awards.

In a film, you want to show that your cinematographer is really good at making a good film, and you want the audience to be very excited by what you’re showing.

And in this new wave of films that we’re seeing, there are different styles of film, which are very different from each other, which we’re excited about.

And there is going at least a little bit of a resurgence of films with a lot more action.

I can tell you that the last two films that have won Best Picture are The Imitation Game and the upcoming film, Wonderwall.

In those two films, we had a little boy, and I’m sure there’s a lot to do with that.

There’s a little kid in the film that’s really going to inspire you, and he’s really good, too.

The Imitations Game is the story of a boy who’s trying to live his life as if he’s a superhero, and the film’s got a really strong message about respect, and what you do when you get older.

Wonderwall, which I’m actually going to watch in the next couple of weeks, is the latest in a long line of films, from films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, to the American Gods, that have really been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cinema.

It does a really great job of making us think that cinema can be more interactive and more emotional and more real.

There is something really exciting about seeing a film where there’s really just a real person in it.

And it’s really exciting to see films like this.

In terms of the festival, I think it’s a really big win for this city.

It was the first film festival in the country to be presented in English, and it really speaks to what’s going on in Canada in terms of films.

So there’s this great message of openness, and of freedom.

There are films that are actually about the arts, and films that reflect what is happening around us.

The way that films are presented in the West is really very important.

There really are no limits to what we can


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