DIRECTV NOW vs HBO NOW for the first time in history

DIRECTV Now vs HBO Now for the next five years is here! 

It’s time to see which one of these new streaming services is more fun to watch.

I recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with DIRECTVNOW for a few weeks and had the great opportunity to spend some quality time with a bunch of the company’s top execs, including DIRECTV CEO Michael Powell, CEO of DIRECTV USA, Michael Powell Jr., and COO and CFO, Bob Giambi.

It was a chance to hear from the CEOs about their day to day operations, and it was really interesting to see how they all handle the challenges of launching and maintaining a new service. 

Here’s what I learned:1.

DirectV Now and HBO Now both offer a lot of value in terms of streaming movies and TV shows, but are still niche services.

2. was launched to help viewers find movies and shows, and its got a ton of content. 

However, the site has been struggling to attract users because of some of the ads it displays on the site. 

In addition, some of those ads have been seen as being very intrusive and not relevant to people who may not be interested in watching movies and television shows. 

3. is a great way to find movies you want to watch, but its a little limited in terms to what you can find. 

4. offers an in-home streaming service that has the ability to stream live television. 

That means you can watch a movie, then download it and watch it later. 


DIRECTVs service is very easy to use, and there are no subscription fees.


DIRECTVS service is a really great option for people who live in a large metropolitan area. 

There are no charges for DIRECTVS customers in the San Francisco Bay Area or in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area (excluding the Fort Worth-Fort Lauderdale metroplex). 

7. and DIRECTvsnowlive, DIRECTVSLive, and offer access to a lot more content than 

Theres also a lot less ads on DIRECTV Live, so there’s a lot to see on the DIRECTVLive site, and you can browse the content and watch the shows from the DIRECTVS website. 


Directvs is a free service, but the ads are there. 

You can also download movies from DIRECTV and DIRECTVSlive. 

9. is a service that is a combination of and, and offers live TV shows for free. 

10. offers a free online service that offers a lot in the way of streaming TV content, including movies, TV shows and sports. 

11. offers a streaming service for people in the Bay Area. 

12. is a site that streams live TV content.


DIRECTVOXlive.TV is a company that offers both live TV and digital video content.


DIRECTVoXlive is a website that offers online streaming of live television shows, movies, and music from various sources. 


DIRECTXlive offers a website for people to access their local area’s cable or satellite TV. 16. offers a variety of options for viewing online video.

17. gives users access to over 30,000 channels including HBO and Showtime, a live feed of ESPN, the NBA, and more. 

18. offers a live streaming service similar to DIRECTV now. 



com is an online streaming service.


DIRECT VIVOlive is an in home streaming service, that allows you to stream content to your home. 



is a new streaming service from DIRECT that offers in-person viewing of live TV, movies and more, including the NBA Finals. 



offers a service similar in some ways to DIRECTvNOW, except that you can also watch movies on DIRECT VNOW.


DIRECTOVNOWlive is the first online video service to offer access exclusively to HBO and the NFL, and has a variety with multiple programming options. 

24. offers a new live streaming platform that provides access to HBO, NBA, NFL, NBA Playoffs, and other live sports content.25.

DIRECTVPVlive is another streaming service to the DIRECT V platform, but also has some of DIRECTVIlive’s original programming. 

26. is an Internet video platform that has been created to bring people online through live, local


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