Entertainment magazine covers Rovio, great eastern entertainment as it goes on hiatus

Entertainment magazine has launched a special issue titled ‘Great Eastern Entertainment Goes On Hiatus’ to highlight the state of its business and to highlight how it is changing for the better.

The magazine covers the company’s latest digital strategy, its new global head of digital marketing, as well as its upcoming releases, the latest games and other entertainment.

Read more The issue, which will be released on Friday, will feature a full interview with Rovo’s Chief Digital Officer, Tom DeBord, who spoke at length about the company and its future plans.

It is the first time Entertainment magazine will feature an interview with a global head.

Rovo announced last week that it would stop publishing its music, TV and movie catalogues, which it was doing before the launch of its new subscription service.

Its music catalogues are now owned by the company in which they are recorded, and will not be sold online or via other channels.

It also shut down the company-owned music store Spotify in March.

It has since reopened the music store through its own site and website.

Rovi also announced last month that it had purchased RoviMusic.com, a music streaming service launched by former Disney music chief John DeBlois in January.

Rova, which started as a software startup in 2004, has become a music and video streaming service that has over 50 million subscribers.

The company says that it is now the largest music and entertainment streaming service in the world, with over 100 million songs available to stream and over 4,000 channels.


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