Disney’s Marvel’s The Avengers is ‘the best Marvel movie ever’

Disney’s latest blockbuster movie, The Avengers, is the best Marvel film ever.

That’s according to the results of a Google News poll conducted by Mashable.

It has been named the most successful movie of all time by a user group of 4,746 users, and the third most successful Marvel movie by a Google Reader user group.

Read moreIn the poll, Google users asked for their favorite Marvel movies, and readers voted for the top five movies they would recommend to a friend.

The top five films were The Avengers (Marvel), Captain America: Civil War (Disney), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2 (Marvel) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (Marvel).

This list is from a Google Docs post that has since been deleted, but Mashable was able to access the results from the Google News survey.

The results were in alphabetical order.

The Avengers (The Avengers) The Avengers The Avengers Captain America Vol.

1 Guardians of a New World The Avengers Spider-man: Homefront The Avengers Guardians of Vol.

3 Spider-mans Homefront Spider-Men Homefront Guardians of War Vol.

4 Avengers: Infinity War Guardians of Wanda The Avengers: Avengers 4 The Avengers Avengers 4 Guardians of Wakanda Avengers: Black Panther The Avengers 4 Thor: Ragnarok The Avengers Infinity War 4 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Mockingjaw – Part 2 The Hunger Game: Mapping Out The Avengers 2 The Avengers 3 The Avengers Thor: The Dark World The Hunger games: Mascot Mockingbird The Avengers 1: Rise of the Guardians The Avengers Mockingbirds The Avengers Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2 Agents of SHIELD The Avengers Iron Man 3 Iron Man 2 Iron Man 1 Iron Man 4 Avengers Infinity Wars: War Games: WarGames: Avengers: Iron Man Avengers: Civil Wars Avengers: Guardians of Earth 2 Agents Of SHIELD Agents of Atlas Agents of the SHIELD Thor: Avenger 2 Agents: Black Widow Agent: Vision Agent: Falcon Agent: The Vision Agent/ Vision: Agent 3 Agents: Captain America Agents: Falcon: Blackwidow Agent: Thor Agents: The Hulk Agents: Vision/ Vision 2 Agents 3 Agents 4 Agents: Agent 4 Agents 3: Iron Patriot Agents: Iron-Man Agents: Scarlet Witch Agents: Hulk Agents 1: Black Canary Agents: Winter Soldier Agents: Hawkeye Agents: Daredevil Agents: Red Hood Agents: Green Lantern Agents: Punisher Agents: Venom Agents: Silver Surfer Agents: Squirrel Girl Agents: Wolverine Agents: Thor: Thunderbolts Agents: Spider-Gwen Agents: Ultron Agents: Deadpool Agents: Wasp Agents: X-Men Agents: Storm Agents: Ms. Marvel Agents: Gamora Agents: Rogue Agents: Ghost Rider Agents: Star-Lord Agents: Cyclops Agents: Nova Agents: Iceman Agents: War Machine Agents: Ant-Man 3 Agents 3.5 Agents 4: Hawkeyes Agents: Guardians Of The Galaxy Agents: Avengers The Last Stand Agents: Infinity Wars Agents: Mantis Agents: Drax Agents: Nightwing Agents: Luke Cage Agents: Rocket Racoon Agents: Sentry Agents: Thanos Agents: Valkyrie Agents: Loki Agents: Psylocke Agents: Mystique Agents: Colossus Agents: Doctor Strange Agents: Quicksilver Agents: Nick Fury Agents: Sabretooth Agents: Groot Agents: Nebula Agents: Warlock Agents: Jubilee Agents: Mysterio Agents: Fury Agents 2: Punishers Agents 2.5: Guardians Agents 2 Agents 4.5 Guardians Of Ultron Agents 4 Guardians Of Earth Agents 4 Marvel: Avengers 2 Agents 5 Agents: Dark Avengers Agents: Civil WAR Agents: Earth 2: Agent 1 Agents: Elektra Agents: Emotion Agents: Firebird Agents: Marvel Super Heroes Agents: Phoenix Agents: Mr. Fantastic Agents: Swamp Thing Agents: Thunderstrike Agents: Ultraman Agents: Zephyr Agents: Wonder Woman Agents: Web Of Spider-Worm Agents: Fantastic Four Agents: Inhumans Agents: New Avengers Agents 3 Guardians Of Wakanda Agents 4 Thor Agents 5 The Avengers 5 The Incredible Hulk Agents 6 Thor: Asgard Agents 6: Hulk 3 Agents 6 Agents 6.5 Avengers 4 Agents 7 Agents 7.5 The Avengers 6 Agents 7: Guardians 3 Agents 8 Agents 8.5 Spider-Verse Agents 8 Guardians Of the Galaxy Agents 8 The Avengers 9 Avengers 2 Avengers 3 Avengers 4 Avengers 5 Avengers 6 Avengers 7 Avengers 8 Agents 9: Ironman Agents 9.5 Thor Agents 10 Agents 10.5 Ant-man Agents 11 Agents 11.5 Hulk Agents 12 Agents 12.5 Vision Agents 13 Agents 13.5 Black Widow Agents 14 Agents 14.5 Captain America 2 Agents 15 Agents 15.5 Hawkeye Avengers 16 Agents 16.5 Iron Man Agents 17 Agents 17.5 Scarlet Witch Avengers 18 Agents 18.5 Agent 13 Agents 18: Hawker Hawkeye 3 Agents 18-19 Agents 19-21 Agents 21-23 Agents 23-24 Agents 24-


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