The most iconic Chinese character in the world

The most famous Chinese character, yuehai, is the one that we’re most familiar with.

The word translates to “water.”

It means “one who carries water” and “one of the most iconic symbols in Chinese culture.”

Yuehai means “water” in Mandarin and means “the water.”

It is the only one of its kind on Earth.

In fact, it’s the only Chinese symbol that we have to date that contains the water element.

It’s not just a symbol of water.

It’s also an important symbol of life.

And it’s an important metaphor for us, because it shows that we are all connected, that we all live in a global ocean, that there is water and water is everywhere, and that we can see it all around us.

Yuehai is the most famous symbol in China, according to National Geographic, which notes that it is also one of the symbols that is considered the “world’s most famous.”

It’s a powerful symbol, says National Geographic.

The water symbol is one of a number of symbols in the Chinese language that convey meaning and significance.

In the Chinese mythology, the water symbol represents the universe.

It also symbolizes the unity of the heavens and the earth.

There are many other symbols that are important to the Chinese culture, like the yuehuang, or a river of water that flows in the north, and the yuanyu, or the moon that is in the west.


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