What the hell is this? Disney says ‘Star Wars’ reboot is a hit with kids

A reboot of the hit Disney animated feature “Star Wars” is in the works, but the studio says it will be a “new and different story.”

In an interview with CNNMoney, Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said the project, which is being directed by the same filmmaker who helmed the original “Star Trek,” will be different than the current version, which “wasn’t very good.”

“I think the best way to describe this is that it will probably be more of a new story,” Iger told CNNMoney.

“It will be much more like the way we see ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star-Trek’ films going forward.”

While Disney has yet to announce any cast or a release date for the film, Iger did say the studio is “very confident” the film will make “over $500 million worldwide.”

Iger also said the film’s success has inspired him to create a new franchise that would bring back “Star-Wars” characters and stories from the movies.

“This is not a franchise we have seen before,” Igers said.

“This is a brand new movie that has its own story and its own characters.

That’s a brand-new approach that I believe is really going to be very successful.”

Igers also said Disney plans to continue the “Star Tours” franchise.

The film, which debuted in 2011, was originally planned to be a trilogy of films that would run over the next decade.

However, Disney cancelled the project after the first film was released and Iger was forced to take on a creative overhaul that included the reboot.

Iger also had to hire a creative team to make the film look like the films it was based on.

Igers plans to release “StarWars” movies on multiple platforms, including the streaming service Netflix.


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