Which movies are being cancelled this summer?

A new poll has revealed that the live-action film adaptation of the classic novel by H.P. Lovecraft has fallen off the radar in terms of moviegoing.

In the latest Nielsen report, live-event theater occupancy was down 12.3% from a year ago.

That was a big drop for the most popular film on the calendar, Universal/Legendary’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

While the overall market for films like this has dropped in recent years, the market is growing for other big movies.

The number of tickets sold per ticket on average fell 5.5% to 2,938, down from 2,990 a year earlier.

For live-events, the drop was much worse, falling 6.3%.

For Universal/Legacy, the numbers fell 12.9%.

It’s not all doom and gloom.

A year ago, the summer was a particularly strong one for live-music events, with performances by acts like The War on Drugs and the Rolling Stones dominating the charts.

This year, the same artists are no longer performing, but there is still a huge appetite for the same concerts.

The big question: Does that mean theaters will be forced to cancel them, or is the trend towards smaller and more intimate events a temporary blip?

That’s the question at the heart of the new survey, which polled 3,600 people over the course of two days.

The results show that the number of people who said they’d attend a big live-entertainment event fell 8.2% from last year, while those who said their tickets were less than $100 went down 4.4%.

But people still turned out, which is great news.

The report also found that the average ticket price fell 7.2%.

This is good news for people looking for a low-cost, family-friendly alternative to a big movie.

It’s also good news because it’s hard to get a feel for whether people are buying tickets to a live-or-work-only event.

People were more likely to buy tickets to their first concert, and the number attending smaller, family oriented events fell.

“A lot of people would be reluctant to go to a show or a concert without a movie,” said Andrew Smith, Nielsen’s vice president of research.

He added that these results should be taken with a grain of salt.

Nielsen does have a reputation for measuring things like ticket sales and attendance, and it may be hard to separate out a trend from the general population.

Still, Nielsen has a pretty strong track record in predicting big movie theater attendance.

Last year, it predicted that “Moby-Dick” would be the highest-grossing film of all time, surpassing “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to become the biggest-grosser of all-time.

It also predicted that the next installment in the “Harry Potter” series would be “Maggie the Frog,” which has grossed more than $300 million in worldwide box office sales.

“There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests that people are more willing to pay for the big-ticket movie experience when it’s a family-oriented event,” Smith said.

“We’re really interested in seeing whether that’s true in the market.”

And while the Nielsen data doesn’t tell us how many people are actually going to go see the movies, the number has dropped by 12.7% over the last year.

If this trend continues, we may not be seeing as many movies on the big screen this summer.


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