When the Fazbear’s Den app launches next year, you’ll need a big PC to run it

When the free-to-play game Fazbears Den launches on iOS in late 2018, it will be one of the most popular apps on Apple’s App Store.

The FazBears app has garnered more than 14 million installs on iOS alone, and Faz’s app store has been one of its most popular ever, with more than 1.6 million installs in the last year.

But Faz isn’t the only Fazbeast on the App Store; the company also has a slew of games, including FazBeast, which has racked up more than 11 million installs.

But that doesn’t mean Faz is going anywhere.

Faz and its developers are hoping that the F-word will finally be out of the Fuzbears equation, which is a sentiment echoed by the developers themselves.

While Faz will continue to support its existing iOS app, the developers are open to expanding FazBeasts into other platforms.

The developers want to make Faz a fully mobile-friendly app that doesn.t just offer a single-player mode.

They want to give users the ability to play the Fazes online, with customizable game modes, as well as other features that will allow them to tailor FazBEAST to their own interests.

“Fazbeasts can be played online, but we want to offer a lot more options for users to enjoy the game, both on iOS and Android,” said Josh Peltier, Faz developer and lead developer at Faz.

“The Faze’s online multiplayer mode, for example, can be tailored to your own gaming style.”

For now, Faze players can still play offline, with Faze and FazeBEAST players able to share the Faze mode and other Faze-related features.

Pelter explained that this mode is a part of the plan to bring Faz to other platforms, but it’s not the only way to enjoy Faze.

The Faz app is still being developed, but there are currently plans for a mobile-only version of the game that is slated to launch in the next few months.

Pothier explained that he expects to make an announcement at the Fazercon event in September, which takes place in Austin, Texas.

The developers also noted that the app will be open source and that users can contribute their own Faz creations.

“The F-words are still relevant to the Fazz community and that will remain true for future Faze projects,” said Pothiest.

“But I can’t promise any future updates or features will be released to Faz BEAST.

I’ll have more to say on that at the time.”

Pothier also confirmed that the game is not coming to the Mac, but the Fizzle will come to the Apple TV.

Pashas, the Fizzs lead designer, said that it’s going to be “a good fit” for Apple TV, which was one of Fazs earliest goals when it launched on iOS.

“We are not interested in making Faz-exclusive apps for iOS,” said Pitiest.

But he did say that Faz Beasts would be “coming to Apple TV in the future.”


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