How to watch the NHL’s game in 4K and HDR with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We’ve been hearing a lot about 4K TVs lately, and the latest news from Sony and Microsoft is that both companies are working on the new 4K televisions.

The TVs will be available for purchase this fall, and both companies announced they would be available in HDR and 4K, which is what the new TVs will support.

Both companies also announced they will release a special HDMI-connected version of the PS4, the Xbox One, and a new version of their Xbox One X for the PC.

The new 4k TVs will come with a special feature that will let you adjust the brightness of the 4K display, allowing you to set your TV to have a much brighter color than your standard 4K TV.

This feature is called the “4K Contrast Ratio” feature, and it’s designed to help you see a wider range of colors.

The TV will also have the ability to show 4K content from different sources at the same time, which will allow you to watch 4K games on the same TV.

The Xbox One will have the capability of running 4K movies at 60fps.

Both consoles will also support 4K HDR, and there will be a special version of both the PS5 and Xbox5 that will support 4k content at 60 frames per second.

The PS4 and Xbox Ones are both slated to arrive sometime in 2018, but Sony’s new 4D TVs are only available for a few months after that.

Microsoft announced they are planning to release the new consoles sometime in 2019, but they haven’t revealed when the new ones will be released.


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