How to watch a live streaming game, the Wall says

If you’re interested in how the Wall’s content is displayed, here’s how you can stream your favorite game on the Wall and find it on your TV:1.

Go to the “TV” section in the home screen and search for “Wall” or “Wall Live”2.

Tap on “Live TV”3.

Select your TV and make sure the Live TV section is selected4.

Select “WallLive”5.

Tap the “Watch” button6.

Watch a live Wall stream from the WallLive section on your mobile device7.

Select the game you want to watch and click “Watch Now”8.

Watch the game again, this time on your smartphone9.

Watch it again on your Wall10.

Check your time at the bottom of the Wall stream, which should show you when the game finishedWatch the Wall live, and find your game on your television at a glance.


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