WATCH: Cat entertainment video shows an Indian tourist in a cage

By Nihar KulkarniAssociated PressA cat video posted on Facebook shows a tourist in an Indian city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, wearing a cage and wearing a leash.

The video was posted on Sunday by a Facebook user named Rajasthan.

The user said he was traveling to a museum in the city of Vizag, which is about 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) from Chennai.

He was not able to see the cage, but he did get a closer look.

The tourist was wearing a backpack, an outfit typical of tourists to the Indian city.

He was wearing glasses and carrying a camera.

He wore a mask and gloves to protect himself from the heat.

The man said he would not comment on the video until the museum director released it to the public.

The person who posted the video said he wanted to promote tourism in the area, where tourism has been a major industry for years.

India has one of the highest per capita tourist spending in the world.

India’s tourist industry has boomed in recent years, generating billions of dollars in tourism revenue.


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