How to watch Disney movies with your child in the comfort of your own home

How do you watch Disney Movies in your own house?

You’re probably thinking “Why would I need to?” 

If you’re like most of us, your kid will be at home watching his favorite Disney movies all day long. 

But what if your kid has allergies, or you don’t want him or her to have to sit through hours of movie trailers? 

And what if you don. 

There are some very simple steps you can take to make watching Disney movies a little less of a chore. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow to make your kids more comfortable watching Disney Movies. 


Allow them to see the movies before they start The most obvious tip is to allow them to watch your movies before you start them. 

 That way you can quickly transition from the first minute to the last minute, without having to worry about getting distracted by something else that might be happening at the same time. 

The downside to this approach is that you’re still in control of how you want your kids to react to your movie choices, but you’ll also be able to get more of a sense of what they’re thinking about what’s happening, and how it all relates to the story. 


Use a screen saver for your kids movies The other thing you can do is use a screen saving app or a timer. 

With a screen save, you’re setting up a timer so that you know how long each scene is, and so you can have your kid set it to one of the different screen resolutions. 

You can also use a timer on your phone so that your kid can set it up for you in the future. 


Choose a movie that has lots of characters and story elements The second tip is that if you choose a movie with lots of interesting characters, then you’ll probably want to show them a bunch of different scenes that involve them in some way. 

In this case, you can also pick a movie from a list of “must see” movies that your kids can see and enjoy. 


Create an online community of your friends and family members to help them enjoy your movie The third tip is actually one of my favorite things you can give your kids: create an online fan community to share and learn about Disney movies. 

This could be a movie forum, a subreddit, or even a blog that your family can join. 

For example, you could create a Disney-themed subreddit for your children to find and join and you could invite friends and other Disney fans to come and share their thoughts and opinions. 

If your kids are into cartoons, you might want to create a blog with posts that discuss your favorite cartoons, or maybe even cartoons that you think your kids should see as well. 

These fan communities are very valuable, and they can be very helpful for your family when you need them. 


Play a video game with your kids for a little bit of fun to relax with The last tip you can put your kids through is to let them play a game of one-on-one or two-on, but let them do a little video game together. 

When they’re doing these, they’ll get to see how you react when you are not there. 

Your kids will probably enjoy it, and it will be a great bonding experience that they can use in the near future.

If you haven’t done this already, do it today! 

Here’s how:1. 

Have your kids come to you and ask you questions. 

At the very least, ask them questions about their favorite movies, and why you want to watch them.2.

Have them take turns playing a game on the phone. 

Be sure to have your child bring their phone to you so you have an easy way to check it. 

They should have fun with it, but they can always play with their own friends. 

Sometimes they will bring their own phone, but don’t worry if you’re not able to see it.3.

Have your kids sit in front of the computer. 

Once your kids get their game going, they should start to get a sense for the controls. 

Try to get them to get into the game quickly so you don


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