‘Closing Time’ film on Netflix in May 2017

“Closing time” will be a film on the Netflix streaming service in May, with director, producer, and star Cameron Crowe set to direct and star in the film that has been a long-term goal of the comedian and star of the hit reality TV show “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Crowe previously wrote and starred in the 2009 comedy film “Closed,” and he has also produced a number of high-profile films including the 2007 comedy “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Comedy Store.”

Netflix is looking to have a film available in May with a release planned for the summer.

In addition to “Clashing Stars,” Crowe is also producing the new Netflix-produced comedy “Saving Private Ryan,” which will be released on the service in March.

Netflix has not yet made a decision on which titles to stream for May.


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