What’s the deal with the Insane Clown Posse?

Insane clown Posse is back!

The band’s new album, The Insane Consequences, has a whopping 12 songs and includes guest appearances from bands like Guns N’ Roses and The Black Keys, among others.

The band has had some rough patches since its last album, and now, as the title implies, it’s finally back.

As it turns out, the band has been dealing with some health issues for the last few months. 

As we’ve seen before, Insane Circus had to cancel all shows in early 2018 due to health issues, which the band said were caused by a combination of dehydration, infection, and other health issues.

The release of their second album, Insult To Injury, also coincided with that time, and we can now say that the band is finally ready to go. 

“We’re going to go out in a blaze of glory,” the band wrote in a new Instagram post.

“It’s been so long since we had a full release and we finally have a real album out.” 

“So what you got right now is that we’re very much back to normal.

We’re just taking it day by day and putting it out as we go.

This is the last time we’ll have a full album.

We just got back from a hiatus.”

As for the album itself, it features 10 songs, including a cover of the song “Breathe,” from the band’s last album.

The cover also includes a cover from the new record, which features some new songs, but they’re not the same ones as the ones we heard on the album.

Insane has yet to announce an official release date, but you can get a taste of what to expect in a preview of the album on the bands Instagram.


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