How to watch a live stream in Kodi with the new Roku app

I have tried the new Kodi app on the Roku Stick, but that didn’t seem to work.

I then tried the Roku remote app on my Roku and the app didn’t work either.

I checked my Roku, but there was no error message, so I tried the app again.

That app also wouldn’t show any live streams, so it seemed like Roku had a problem.

When I tried to use the app on another Roku, it didn’t even appear to be working, either.

Roku didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

I tried it again on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

That did work, but the app had no icon.

I was surprised when Roku confirmed the Roku app doesn’t work, too.

The Roku app is still being tested by Roku, so don’t expect a fix soon.

I also tried to add the Roku channel and the Roku Live TV app to my Roku to watch live TV.

The app didn´t work either, even though I added the Roku channels and app.

I would love to see Roku fix this problem so that Roku TV apps work.


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