US: ‘The price of freedom’ – How the West should approach the crisis

Posted January 25, 2018 07:19:10In the wake of the shooting death of four people at a Texas church in 2017, a new national security doctrine has emerged.

The phrase is “freedom is not free”, according to John McCain, a Republican senator from Arizona who has led the charge against the Trump administration’s policies.

In a speech to Congress on Thursday, the senator argued that the “freedom” that Trump is selling is a false promise.

He said the president and his advisers are trying to “make a mockery of the word freedom” by claiming that freedom is “free” when, in fact, it is not.

In his address, McCain said the government has the power to stop terrorist attacks and he has proposed legislation to expand that power.

“We have no choice,” McCain said, adding: “We have the power.”

“We cannot have this nation under siege.

We cannot have freedom for any length of time,” he said.

McCain has argued that “the price of liberty is too high” and has said that if Trump is reelected, he will repeal and replace the US Constitution’s protection for religious freedom with “a more aggressive form of religious liberty” that would allow the government to take away the right to marry and other protections for people who believe differently.

Critics have criticised his proposal, saying it is too vague.

“The president has said this is freedom, and this is not freedom,” said Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

In response, McCain has suggested that he and other members of the House of Representatives will work with the administration to pass legislation that will provide the power of the purse to the federal government to fight terrorism.

Trump has called for a repeal of the First Amendment.

McCain is also the co-author of the bipartisan bill that President George W Bush signed into law in 2001, which the Republican president said would “protect religious freedom” in the United States.

He has said the bill is a “war on Christianity” that has not prevented a terrorist attack and is a major impediment to “free speech and religious freedom”.


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