The Biggest Disappointment of 2017

What a year for the sport of football.

The Champions League was won by Liverpool, Manchester United won the Europa League, the FA Cup was taken by Arsenal and the Premier League was crowned a global success.

That’s how the season began.

And it has been a spectacular season for all of them, and for football in general.

There were some bad weeks.

There was the FA/League Cup tie against Chelsea in April, which ended in a 2-1 defeat and the infamous FA Cup final, where England lost 2-0 to a Germany team which included a number of former players.

Then there was the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United, which was also a controversial one.

It was the first Champions League match between two sides from the same country since 1988, and a game in which the final was decided in the dying seconds.

It also was the only match between England and Germany since 1985.

And then came the FA cup final, a game which saw the winner earn the right to face Chelsea in the final.

All of that was the sort of game that would make many of the supporters of either side very upset, but the only one that was actually contested was that between the two teams.

The FA Cup tie was also marred by a late red card to Marouane Fellaini, and that was enough to derail England’s hopes of a third straight trophy.

And as for the Champions league, England’s quest for a third consecutive title had ended in defeat by Barcelona in the first leg.

It didn’t matter though.

The fact that the English footballing community could not be happier that it had ended the Champions final in a draw, despite all the drama and disappointment, was an achievement in itself.

But for a lot of people it was also an occasion to reflect on how far we have come in just a few short years.

This year’s season has been defined by two things.

The first was the failure of Manchester United to qualify for the Europa league and, after finishing third in the league and qualifying for the finals in England, it was time to turn our attentions to the Champions trophy.

The second was the success of Arsenal, who have made a name for themselves in England and have been one of the best teams in the world this season.

In terms of the top-flight season, they are the most dominant team in Europe.

The success of United, who reached the semi-finals of the FA Cups in the last two seasons, has given them a good reputation.

So when United won their third Champions League in a row, the first one at Old Trafford was a real turning point for many.

And when Arsenal also won their fourth Champions League title in a season, the second was a good one for them too.

The way they finished this year is an achievement of the kind that can be repeated over and over again.

For one thing, the season was not the result of any one individual event or a few lucky bounces.

Rather, it is the result, not of a particular team or player but of a collective effort that the players and the fans had been putting in since the start of the season.

For that reason, the Champions finals were a good time to reflect, for both the team and for the fans, on the season as a whole.

And I think that is probably the main reason that the FA, the Football Association, the Premier Leagues, the other sports associations and the clubs all felt the need to take a look at the progress made in this regard this season and, most importantly, the reasons behind that.

One factor that contributed to that success was the fact that United and Arsenal played in the same league this year.

The other factor was that Manchester City and Chelsea played in a Premier League competition, and the Champions Cup was played in Europe for a reason.

But both of those teams were very much on their way to winning trophies this season, and as a result, they had to play at the same time in order to do that.

In that sense, the difference between them was not that they played in different leagues, but rather, that they had different objectives in mind.

The difference was, Manchester City had a very clear goal in mind when they started to build a team around Nolito, and this was to win the Premier league title.

They wanted to be as strong as possible in the Champions race, but also to be able to contend in the Europa.

So they had a different objective from Manchester United and from Chelsea.

And that is how it has come about that the Champions title was won in England by United and Chelsea.

What the fans were thinking at the time was: well, if this was a race between two of the big European teams, they would have been the favourites.

And if they had won, then it would have put them over the top.

The fans were correct.

And for that reason I think it is important to point out that the first and second Champions finals are still very much remembered in


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