Wayfair to add a $1,000 annual membership to a ‘free’ membership

Wayfair is adding a new $1.99 monthly membership to its $30 annual membership, and that’s a big deal for people who like to shop for the stuff they need, even if they don’t want to pay monthly.

The $1 membership, which is also available for a year, will cost $7.99 a month for people ages 21 and older. 

Wayfair says it is adding the $1 fee to the $30 membership to give customers a “more direct connection” to the business. 

“Our goal with this $1 monthly membership is to create an experience that is more than just a shopping experience, it’s a community experience, a business experience,” said J.J. Brown, Wayfair’s CEO and founder.

“Our memberships give us access to an extensive library of products, including products and services from brands like Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target.

By offering our members a membership at a price they can afford, we are able to give them a more direct connection to our customers and help make them more informed about our brands and our products.” 

“By offering our membership at the price we can afford,” he continued, “we are able and willing to provide our members with access to more products and products and more product and products that we can’t otherwise offer.” 

Wayworth’s $1 and $30 subscription plans include items like $1-day shopping, and $3-day membership to buy unlimited items from Target.

The free membership includes an annual membership for $7 a month, and the $10 membership offers unlimited shopping at participating stores, plus access to a wide variety of shopping tools. 

In addition, the $3 membership offers access to all of the retailer’s online stores, as well as a large library of merchandise. 

At a glance, the new $9.99 membership gives Wayfair customers access to its shopping, travel, and entertainment offerings.

It also gives Wayrestowners a wider array of product categories, and includes a wide selection of products that include: shoes, apparel, accessories, furniture, and home goods. 

 Wayfarer’s membership also offers a $7 discount to $10 members for the first year.