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Posted by MSNBC News on Monday, June 28, 2017 02:37:18FOX NEWS’FOX &amp.; FB &amps;” FOX News: “Why Are There So Few Women in the White House?””

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FB& FOX News’ FOX News &amp.’s Matt Viser interviews Fox News host Martha MacCallum about her interview with President Trump.

In a story airing Tuesday, the network reported that the number of women in the Oval Office has decreased to 16, a drop of almost 2 percent since March, the month Trump took office.

The White House says the number has remained at or above 16 for nearly two decades.

The report comes as the network also reported that a record number of men have joined the Oval office.

Trump’s first Cabinet meeting was held at the White Tower in January.

In his inaugural address, Trump vowed to appoint more women to top posts.

“We will not rest until women are nominated and confirmed for every position,” he said.

In the interview with Viser, MacCallums said she thinks the president is more interested in her than the women in his Cabinet.

“I think he wants to be the one who is going to do the talking,” she said.

“And I think he has a little bit of a blind spot.

Because I think it is not really about women, it is really about the men in the Cabinet,” she added.

“So I think the President is very interested in his women in a different way than he is with his men.”

The president, for his part, said he is not interested in the media and that women are not interested.

“Look, the media is the enemy of the American people.

I have nothing against the media,” he told Viser.

“I have nothing at all against the press, I love the press.

I love my press secretary.

I do not have a problem with them.”